Mini implants give Ballwin and St. Louis, MO denture patients a reason to smile

When you lose teeth, you lose much more. You can also lose the ability to speak clearly, eat your favorite foods, and smile with confidence. Traditional dentures may help, but they are less than ideal for many people. That is why The DentaLink team is proud to offer mini dental implants at our Ballwin and St. Louis, MO locations.

What are mini implants?

There is a common misconception that dental implants are replacement teeth. In reality, they are replacement tooth roots, usually made of titanium. Like a natural root, the implant extends into the bone, creating a stable and natural feeling foundation for restorations. Standard implants are also similar in size to a tooth root. Mini implants, as the name implies, serve the same function but they are smaller.

Smaller size makes a big difference

The benefits of our mini implants include:

  • No bone grafting – The strength of implants comes from the fact that they are “rooted” in bone, just like natural teeth. However, that means you need enough healthy bone tissue surrounding the implant. This can be a problem for patients who have experienced bone loss or who have naturally thin bones. Due to their size, mini implants can be used for most patients, without requiring a bone graft.
  • Minimally invasive – Due to their size, the procedure for placing mini implants is simpler, faster, and less invasive. They do not require a complex flap surgery, and healing time is generally shorter.
  • Same day smile – In many cases, patients who are getting mini implants for dentures can have the restoration added the same day that the implants are placed.
  • Strong and reliable – Bigger is not necessarily better. We use advanced Shatkin F.I.R.S.T., which are known as the world’s strongest mini implants.

Exploring your options

Mini implant treatment is a wonderful solution for missing teeth. However, it is just one of many excellent options available at The DentaLink. We also offer bridges, standard dentures, partials, and classic dental implants. What is best for you? Call us at (636) 496 8584 (Ballwin office) or (314) 334-1474 (St. Louis office) and schedule a consultation to find out.