Learn About Oral Health with Frequently Asked Questions in Ballwin

Everyone has questions about their oral health. The DentaLink, with practices in Ballwin and St. Louis, is dedicated to giving patients and community members great dental care and great dental education.

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We take the safety of patients and our team very seriously, which is why we have implemented the following guidelines and standards into our regular cleaning routines.

  • Purified Water Lines in Each Room – Our water is purified using the same technology developed for NASA, ensuring that the water we use is safe from biofilm and unwanted germs.
  • Special Suction Devices – The innovative Isolite suctions that we use rely on negative pressure to help keep you dry and comfortable during your appointment. Research shows that this process also helps limit your aerosol exposure compared to other dental suctions. (Dahlke et al, 2012)
  • Strict CDC & OSHA Guidelines – We use medical-grade disinfectant to clean our rooms between every visit so you can be assured you’re being protected. We utilize multiple techniques in our sterilization centers to ensure that everything we use is as clean as new. We also test our cleaning units weekly to ensure that they’re performing at the highest standard.
  • Personal Protective Equipment – Because we love our patients, we are limiting our exposure to you. Our team members wear personal protective equipment such as masks, face shields, gloves, and gowns to help keep you safe.
  • Healthy Team Members & Patients – We screen all patients’ temperatures as they come in. We also take daily temperatures of each team member so that none of us will see patients if we are ill. We keep you healthy by being healthy ourselves.
  • Sanitation Foggers –We sanitize the entire office each day with a hospital-grade fogger to keep every surface as clean as possible. Just another way we take your health seriously.

Orthodontics have made amazing advancements in the last few decades. We’re now using many short-term orthodontic treatments like Fastbraces and Invisalign to correct patients’ alignment problems. These two options are ideal for working professionals and even teenagers who want to make big tooth movements but also expect subtle treatments.

Fastbraces uses patented new technology to help straighten teeth in as few as 120 days for many cases. Unlike some treatments, this short-term orthodontic system moves the crowns and roots at the same time and can treat severe alignment issues.

Invisalign uses no braces at all. Rather, we’ll prescribe a series of orthodontic aligners to move teeth into a more appropriate location. The aligners are clear and can be removed for eating and cleaning.

Dental implants are widely considered to be the strongest tooth replacement option in dentistry, but the best way to replace missing teeth is specific to the patient. We need to know your treatment goals and budget. There are three ways to replace missing teeth in our office:

  • Dental Bridges — Bridges, a long-term restorative dentistry option, are made from a series of dental crowns. The device literally bridges the gap created by the missing tooth and matches the natural smile.
  • Dentures — These devices can be placed to fill gaps created by multiple missing teeth or even restore entire arches of missing teeth. Dentures rely on fit and often adhesives to stay in the mouth.
  • Dental Implants — Dental implants are placed into the bone. They nearly match the power of natural teeth and can be used to replace single missing teeth or to stabilize dentures.

The CPAP is no longer the only way to treat sleep apnea. The CPAP is the gold standard when it comes to sleep apnea treatment, but many patients find it intolerable.

Instead of using a CPAP, The DentaLink is using a state-of-the-art oral appliance to treat patients with obstructive sleep apnea, the most common form of the disorder. The device pushes the lower jaw forward to help you maintain an open airway. The device helps with snoring and is easy to travel with. As an added bonus, it won’t disrupt your bed partner or others in the house.

Along with removing plaque and tartar buildup from your teeth during your routine cleanings and exams, we can also protect them with dental sealants and fluoride treatments.

This will help you fight tooth decay and cavities in between your usual visits!

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We offer comfortable, custom solutions for headaches and migraines, two of the many unpleasant symptoms of TMJ disorder and teeth grinding. Visit us to explore our treatment options like custom oral appliances, orthodontics, and NTI devices!

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