Stay Happy with Friendly, Family Dentistry in Ballwin and St. Louis, MO

Dr. Allan on Family Dentistry

Finding the right dentist for you is important. Finding a dentist for your whole bunch is even better. At our office, you can find family dentistry in Ballwin and St Louis, MO. We can:

  • Care for kids and adults
  • Meet your family’s changing oral health needs
  • Provide a friendly, relaxing atmosphere
  • Keep your favorite smiles looking great

If you would rather have one office to visit when you make your dental appointments, then it’s time to call us at (636) 496 8584 (Ballwin office) or (314) 334-1474 (St. Louis office) and schedule checkups for your whole family at The DentaLink.

Start Good Habits Today for Healthy Smiles Tomorrow

You want your family to be as healthy as they can be. That includes having good oral health. It’s why we teach your kids to brush and floss regularly. Making dental visits a part of their routine can help make that a habit that keeps their smiles healthy throughout their lives.

We love taking care of kids at our office. By visiting us, you can help them get treatments such as:

  • Dental Cleaning and Exams — This is the foundation of good family dental care. Cleanings remove tartar and plaque, and exams help find problems so they can be treated early.
  • Dental Sealants — These provide an added layer of protection for those times when your kids may not brush as well as they should.
  • Fluoride Treatments — Fluoride can make teeth stronger, so they are less likely to develop cavities.
  • Mouthguards — If your kids play sports, they will get the best protection against broken and knocked out teeth with a custom-made mouthguard.

Enjoy Comprehensive Care at Any Age

As you and your kids get older, your needs will change. You deserve to find a family dental practice that will grow with you. In addition to the preventive services we mentioned above, we also offer orthodontic treatments, restorative services, and emergency dental care.

We assist patients of all ages every day with family dentistry at The DentaLink. We would like to help you and your family, too. Call us at (636) 496 8584 (Ballwin office) or (314) 334-1474 (St. Louis office) today to plan a visit with our team at The DentaLink.

  • Dr. Allan Link of The DentaLink
  • Dr. Andrew Link of The DentaLink

At the DentalLink, you will be taken care of under the expert guidance of Dr. Allan Link and Dr. Andrew “Drew” Link. A dynamic duo who seek to provide the people of their community with sustainable health remedies and care.

Bringing with him 35 plus years of providing oral care, Dr. Allan Link is a proud alumnus of Duke University and the Washington University School of Dental Medicine.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Dr. Andrew Link studied at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, and has been recognized by medical associations such as the Academy of General Dentistry and the American Dental Association.