At The DentaLink, our first priority is pairing state-of-the-art technology with experienced, quality service to provide the best care possible for your oral health and wellness. When you visit one of our two office locations for dental care, you will enjoy the latest dental technologies and modalities in the areas of Ballwin MO. Reinvesting into the practice to provide these services sets us apart from the rest!

 We have chosen to equip our practice with the following new dental technologies to ensure the best possible care under one roof:

Technology at The DentaLink Digital X-rays Image courtesy of

Digital X-rays

Gone are the days of big bulky x-rays that hurt your mouth and give off extra radiation. Our new digital sensors and cameras give off only a fraction of the radiation that older x-ray equipment used to give off. They are also smaller and more comfortable for you.

Fotona Fidelis Plus Laser best dental technological office Image courtesy of

Fotona Fidelis Plus Laser

We understand that not everyone likes the idea of drills and needles. At the DentaLink we have two dental lasers that we can use for pain-free fillings and other gum treatments, such as tongue & lip ties. These lasers allow us to do many procedures non-surgically and put you at ease.

Best Dental Office iTero Element 5D Scanner Image courtesy of

iTero Element 5D Scanner

Chips, cracks and receding gums are not healthy things. With our iTero scanner we can detect the first signs of any of these problems, stopping them in their tracks. Ever wanted to see what your teeth might look like straight? Our scanner can show you a preview of your beautiful straight smile. Lastly, we know everyone loves goopy impressions and molds, but with our scanner we can take digital molds of your teeth rather than with messy impression material.

Best Dental Office CEREC Omnicam Scanner and Mill Image courtesy of

CEREC Omnicam Scanner and Mill

Sometimes teeth need crowns or veneers to get them healthy and pretty again. Our Ballwin location is happy to offer some crowns and veneers in one appointment. When appropriate, we can make your crown or veneer in our office so that you can get on with your busy schedule without having to see us a second time.

High Technological Dental Office Isolite equipment available Image courtesy of


Ever wonder what you should do with your tongue during a dental appointment? Or feel like your jaw gets too tired having to hold it open? Fear no more, our new Isolite devices allow you to comfortably rest your jaw during your dental appointments or cleanings, while also keeping you comfortable and dry. As an added bonus, research shows that the suction strength used in Isolite helps reduce aerosol that might escape into the air during any dental work—comfort and safety in one!

Intraoral Pictures best dental high technological office

Intraoral Pictures

Ever feel like a doctor said you needed something but didn’t explain why? At the DentaLink we feel very strongly that you should be informed about any treatment you may need or want. This is why we take digital photos of your teeth and gums and show them to you: so you are always in the know about your own health.

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