What to Expect Before Your Next Appointment

  • Once our team has contacted you and confirmed your appointment, you will get a text or email asking you to please fill out some important forms online. Thank you so much in advance for doing this, as it will make your appointment begin more quickly. The health history form will be updated continuously, so you will receive it prior to each visit. Should you need help filling these forms out follow this link to view a video explaining it: https://youtu.be/vlRpfI8utLU
  • The team will contact you ahead of time to handle financial arrangements over the phone to limit your exposure to additional people while in office.
  • When you arrive, please follow the steps below:
  1. Stay in your car and text the office at (636) 391 7208 with your name and arrival time. We will promptly respond with a confirmation text message.
  2. Please then wait for a call or text message instructing you to meet us at the door.
  3. Meet us at the door. You are required to wear a mask (N95, surgical, bandana, fabric, etc.) into the office. If you do not have one, we will provide you one for $2.
  4. We will take your temperature and ask you a few short COVID screening questions.
  5. You will then be escorted to your room, where you will be asked to gurgle a mouth rinse and wash your hands for 20 seconds before being seated.
  • We will be doing follow up calls to check on you and how your visit went.

Thank you so much for your understanding and for helping us to keep you safe.

What the team is doing to protect you: